Atlanta based prog/psych rock mastermind Andy Samford has released a new five song release entitled Onwards Inwards.  Andy Samford has been writing and performing for 23 years or so. With variety of strong yet diverse influences such as Ween, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, KISS, and countless others, Andy plays and writes what could only be described as “heavy psychedelic stoner fuzz guitar pop” or just “psychedelic stoner pop” for short. In the past, Andy has sung and played guitar with Plaster, Pickman’s Model, and Telestrion, who are all still occasionally active.

Andy Samford’s music is the sound of someone who thinks they know everything, but actually know nothing, having absolute creative power and control over every aspect of the music and its presentation. As a solo artist, Andy has released nearly 40 (YES, 40) albums and EPs. Generally, he performs all instruments and vocals on these albums in addition to all of the production, recording, mixing, and mastering duties. He also handles all of the graphic design and artwork, working from photographs he has taken himself or has purchased. Andy releases all of these albums for a “pay what you want” fee on the Bandcamp website ( You can download them for free but any amount paid is definitely appreciated!

Andy Samford is a cosmic artist/dreamer who is the master of his own magical land. If songs about love, magick, girls, weed, sex, depression, happiness, psychedelics and outer space generate even the smallest spark in your mind’s eye, then welcome to the world of Andy Samford. In Andy Samford’s land, there are no limitations as to how far, how deep, and how dark of a journey it may be. Are you ready to take the journey? Open your mind and set yourself free.

Andy’s latest release, Onwards Inwards, is another stellar release that opens the door into the mind of this mad genius.  The album is described as being “weird and fun and spacey and experimental and improvised” and that’s just the tip of the psychedelic iceberg.  Onwards Inwards, like all of Samford’s past releases, is available as a “name your price” download via his official Bandcamp page:

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