Dead Rites

Atlanta, GA

Radu – Vocals
Paul – Guitars
Izzie – Guitars
Zack Johnson – Bass
Zach Mitchell – Drums

In a city littered with deathcore and death metal, Atlanta’s Dead Rites is a band that offers a sound that rises to the top of the heap. Formed in 2004 by lead vocalist/songwriter Radu, Dead Rites is the ultimate fusion of his favorite genres of music. With the energy and intensity of punk and old-school heavy metal, Dead Rites takes it to a whole other level with Radu’s brooding, gothic vocal melodies. In doing so, Dead Rites has created a sound that is old yet new, familiar yet comfortable, and undoubtedly refreshing.

Since 2005, Dead Rites has released three critically acclaimed full length albums and one special edition live album on their own Hedonism Records label. Dead Rites has since then been maintaining an exhausting touring schedule that has taken them all over the United States and overseas to Japan where they established a diehard fan base. In the past Dead Rites has shared the stage with acts such as Moonspell, Divine Heresy, Deconstruct, Bleed the sky, Dead Popstars, Silent Civilian, Kittie, To Die for, Michael Graves, Wednesday 13, Virgin Black, Prong, Dr Chud’s X-ward, and LA Guns.

At the end of 2009 after the passing of Radu’s father the band took an indefinite hiatus and only played one show in 2011 at the final night of Insomnia. The band returned to the fold in 2015 with the appropriate titled Reborn and in 2016, Dead Rites returns releasing their finest, most personal release to date, Bereavement. When asked about Bereavement and the personal nature behind it, Radu said, “Bereavement is an album that represents the acceptance of loss to me personally. Bereavement is a mixture of all of the influences that have made Dead Rites who we are. I also feel that Bereavement is the culmination of three years of nonstop performances. It is somber and accepting and ultimately angry with a glimmer of hope for what’s to come.”


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Reborn – January 22, 2015
Bereavement – October 28, 2016


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