Houston, TX

Doomstress Alexis – bass & vocals
Brandon Johnson – lead guitar & backing vocals

Tomasz Scull – recording/touring drummer
Matt Taylor – touring lead/rhythm guitar
Andy Kaos Vehnekamp – touring/session drummer
Alex Erhardt – touring drummer
Joe Fortunato – touring/session rhythm guitar

DHU Records

Burning passion, relentless drive, and an undying love for heavy metal music is what fueled bassist/lead vocalist Doomstress Alexis to bring to life the powerful entity that is Doomstress in March of 2016 . In late May/early June of 2016, Doomstress arose before the people with Supernatural Kvlt Sounds, an EP of material rooted in doom, NWOBHM, and occult rock with influences such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Cathedral, and Uriah Heap. These influences can be easily identified in Doomstress’ heavy grooves, layered twin guitars, strong melodic vocals, and a thunderous yet dynamic rhythm section.

When asked what inspires her lyrics, Doomstress Alexis said, “Honestly, real world news makes for good doom music.” Finding inspiration in current events, personal experiences, and at times even social and political commentary, Doomstress creates songs that, opposed to being preachy, are engaging. “While the personal experiences come through in the songs, it’s easy for the listener to find themselves in these songs and to make that connection.”

This Fall, Doomstress are set to release their new EP, “The Second Rite” on No Slip Records. The EP contains remixed versions from the original, very limited self release and 7” DHU Records single, as well as new song “Bitter Plea” recorded at the end of the Wicked Summer tour and featuring additional rhythm guitar by guitarist Joe Fortunato (Sparrowmilk/Venomin James/ex-Ancient VVisdom).

Doomstress will also release The Second Rite vinyl as a 12″ split (minus the “Wicked Woman” Coven cover) with Cleveland instrumental powerhouse Sparrowmilk via DHU Records (Netherlands) this fall! As with the EP CD release of The Second Rite, this 12″ vinyl split was mastered by Kent Stump, of Wo Fat, at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, TX. The release of the 12” split is expected to be sometime in late November. More details will be released sometime in October so stay tuned.


Social Media Links
Official Website:
Instagram: @Doomstress_band
Twitter: @Doomstress

06/26/16 – Supernatural Kvlt Sounds – Self Released (ep-ltd quantity-sold out)
10/31/16 – Wicked Woman (Coven cover) 7″ – DHU Records (in 2 splatter color editions w/cover art by David Paul Seymour)
12/01/17 – The Second Rite (EP) – DHU Records

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