LoNero Band


Bill Lonero – Lead/Harmony/Rhythm Guitars
JR Manalili – Rhythm/Harmony/Lead Guitar
Mike McKaigg – Bass
Will Sharman – Drums


LoNero gave birth to Guitarcore with their first release “Relentless” in 2007. Fourteen tracks of punishing rhythms and strong melodic hooks. From the time “Relentless” was released, musical barriers were not only broken, but shattered! Fans of nearly every genre responded with more enthusiasm than the band could have ever imagined which gave even stronger resolve to LoNero’s idea that the melody and song should be the most important aspect whether it’s instrumental rock or not.

What is Guitarcore? Foundeing member, Bill Lonero tells us that, “Guitarcore is about the song, the band and the fans! No limits, no borders, no nonsense. Unlike most instrumental rock artists whose songs are a seemingly endless display of solos, LoNero chooses to focus on rhythm, groove, verse, chorus and melody.” LoNero’s songs are constructed as if a vocalist is going to sing over them. Guitar Player magazine even went on to state, “(LoNero) claims to have invented Guitarcore so you should really hate them! But you can’t because they’re just so damn good!”.

In 2011/2012, LoNero was picked to be the direct support for legendary guitarist Pat Travers and in 2014, LoNero hit the road on their first U.S. tour as main support for guitar legend Tony MacAlpine. LoNero toured the U.S. exposing new audiences to Guitarcore and in the process won over guitar fans young and old. LoNero’s popularity is on a steady incline as music and guitar fans from all over the world are exposed to this grass roots band that makes no excuses and pounds every stage they step on.  They were subsequently invited back for another US tour with MacAlpine in 2015.

LoNero’s vision and drive is evident on their third and latest Guitarcore masterpiece, The Defiant Machine. The Defiant Machine isn’t your ordinary instrumental album of shredding and lightning fast scales. The Defiant Machine is a concept album that tells a story using music and tying the songs together with sound bytes of past Presidential speeches . ” The concept of the album is about war throughout the last hundred years and how war is the ultimate defiant machine”, says Lonero. “It doesn’t matter how many protests are out there, it doesn’t matter how many laws are passed, how many people put bumper stickers on their cars, there always has been war, there always will be war and there’s nothing we can do about it. That makes war the ultimate defiant machine.”

The Defiant Machine was recorded at the LoNero’s own Black Pulse Studios with Lonero himself producing and engineered by Eric Pederson. Slated for release on August 2nd, 2016, “The Defiant Machine” is a powerful documentation of Guitarcore and that LoNero’s music and vision can continue to grow without sounding overdone or played out. With each passing album, LoNero has something new to say and as is the case with The Defiant Machine, they prefer to let their fingers do the talking.


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Relentless – 2008
J.F.L. – 2011
The Defiant Machine – 2016


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