On October 12th, Houston Doom masters/mistress Doomstress supported Manilla Road on the Austin stop of their 40th Anniversary Tour.  Being a huge fan of Manilla Road, Doomstress Alexis couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask Mark if he would join them on stage for a cover of the Uriah Heep classic, “Rainbow Demon.”

“Mark was such a cool guy and it was an immense honor to have him sing this song with us. When he stepped on stage and came to the mic there was this surge of energy and emotion both on stage and from the audience. It was palpable and powerful” says Alexis.  “I had talked to Mark a bit prior to their tour and I think I mentioned we covered this song and he said he was a big Uriah Heep fan. The day of the show I thought why not ask him if he’d join us. He asked me what key we played it in and said he remembered the chorus and would be down to join us. He totally got into it and it was infectious!  Definitely one of those moments you can’t believe is happening.

Check out the video of the performance here: