For nearly 13 years, Vic Stown was the brainchild, heart, and soul of NWOTHM masters Vindicator.  Releasing some of the finest yet sadly overlooked metal music of the past decade, Vindicator relentlessly put out flawless metal albums but eventually, Stown felt a change in direction.  That change in direction brought us all to Stown’s latest master creation, VolcanaVolcana features Vic Stown on rhythm gutiars/vocals, Jeff Potts (Gygax/ex-Mantic Ritual/ex-Warbringer) on lead guitar, and Glen Monturi (ex-Seven Witches) on bass/drums.

Volcana’s highly anticipated full length release, Goddess of Flame,  features 11 tracks of classic heavy metal that combines aspects of power metal, thrash, and even a hint of doom thrown in for good measure.  In a time where heavy metal seems to be chockful of screaming, cookie monster death grind core metal, Volcana rises like a time capsule unearthed from the metal years of past to remind the world just how great metal once was and how great it can still be.

For loves of The Rods, early Riot, and The Sword and haters of over polished, over produced modern metal, Goddess of Flame is a slab of classic heavy metal sticking out like a sore thumb in these modern times.

Goddess of Flame has been released on CD via Stormspell Records and the album can be streamed here:

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