Working in the music business it gets harder and harder to find people who you trust and we have been lucky enough to have hit a jackpot with Black Waters. They have been the most professional and hardworking people that we have had the pleasure of working with. Most of all they have been completely honest with us from the beginning and they have not sold us any grandiose unbelievable dreams. Don was always honest up front and always treated us like we were working together to achieve a goal so we felt like we were a team and not someone who was holier than thou.

We are actually looking at our calendars to see when we can work with Black Waters again. Thank you so much for the great experience. Everything in the music business should be this easy and this rewarding.

Radu Sanchez, singer/songwriter (Dead Rites)


“When you put out a record, what’s the first thing you need to do? You need to get a hold of someone who can market that record. I was fortunate enough to find Dark Waters PR. They marketed us, they pushed us out there, and we got a bunch of reviews and a bunch of interviews. You can’t ask for anything better and the price was perfect.”

Kevin Gale, guitarist/songwriter (Punishment)


“Dark Waters PR is a great and affordable resource for bands and musicians to get their music heard and reviewed by new audiences. Don has many connections, resources and relationships with professionals in the music industry that he has acquired in his over 10 years as a music journalist. Also as a writer and musician himself, he has a special creative quality for coming up with new and fresh ideas that he can offer to bands to help them gain exposure. I highly recommend using Dark Waters PR.”

Michelle Schrotz, singer/songwriter (BRAVE)