Dark Waters is very pleased to announce that DHU Records recording artists Doomstress has joined the Dark Waters PR family!  Over the last year or so, Texas doom rockers Doomstress have been making quite a bit of noise in the scene.  In their short time together, the band has completed 7 tours, self-released their debut EP, Supernatural Kvlt Sounds in June of 2016 and on Halloween of 2016 released a cover of the Coven classic, “Wicked Woman” on 7″.  This is obviously a band that knows what hard work is and they are not afraid to get their hands dirty and maybe even bloody and caloused at times.

Lead by lead vocalist/bassist Doomstress Alexis, Doomstress is not comfortable being pigeonholed as a “doom” band.  Doomstress’ music is fueled by many influences besides doom such as psych/cosmic rock, NWOBHM, and even a times a bit of punk infused metal ala Motorhead which sets them aside from the rest of the one trick ponies out there.

Doomstress has some great things lined up for 2017 so stay tuned for a press release coming VERY soon but until then, Dark Waters PR is very proud to welcome Doomstress to the family!