California Guitarcore originators LoNero are about to release their latest release The Defiant Machine on August 2nd.  The Great Southern Brainfart premiered the first song from The Defiant Machine entitled “The Machine” today (CHECK IT OUT HERE!) and this is a song and album that will totally open some doors for some new LoNero fans.

LoNero’s vision and drive is evident on their third and latest Guitarcore masterpiece, The Defiant MachineThe Defiant Machine isn’t your ordinary instrumental album of shredding and lightning fast scales.  The Defiant Machine is a concept album that tells a story using music and tying the songs together with sound bytes of past Presidential speeches.  “The concept of the album is about war throughout the last hundred years and how war is the ultimate defiant machine”, says Lonero.  “It doesn’t matter how many protests are out there, it doesn’t matter how many laws are passed, how many people put bumper stickers on their cars, there always has been war, there always will be war and there’s nothing we can do about it.  That makes war the ultimate defiant machine.”

The Defiant Machine will be released on August 2nd.  I will be sending out a full press release including the full album very soon so please consider giving it a listen and a review.  Leader Bill Lonero will also be available for interviews about the album.

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